Our USP is range of classes that we at our fitness centre provide you ,which will not only inspire you to explore new training styles and techniques, We have a wide choice of classes with different instructors each and every day which will enable you to mix-n-match your fitness routine so as to avoid boredom and encourage motivation for your workouts making you more enthusiastic. See our class timetable for details.


Whether you want increased energy or reduced stress, cardio training helps you live a fitter life while strengthening your heart and lungs. From interval workouts to endurance exercises, cardio training can also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Shape your body and burn fat with strength training. With the right equipment such as free weights or resistance machines and advice from our experts, you can improve your overall health while increasing muscle and bone strength.


We at apple fitness specifically tailor made your needs around your individual fitness, one-to-one personal training and ensure that you get the most out of every workout. Our personal trainers will offer support, advice and motivation to keep you on the right track so that you achieve your fitness goals.


At apple fitness your well-being is our motto. We have our expert and qualified nutrionist and dietician who will also advise on the right nutritional balance and will guide you regarding the balanced intake of meals to achieve your goals.Also guidance regarding the best ways to stay active outside the club to help you go further in life.